Bubbles Laundry Offers.


Get Ready for Winter special offer

      For a limited period we can wash and package your Doona's ready for storage, also we can wash your Matress Toppers, Bedspreads, Pillow Cases, from just $20 and don't forget we have FREE collection and delivery service as well.

     Why use this service? Domestic washing machines are not built to handle the weight loading that these items exert on them and can easily get damaged (see image 1 above) a customer over loaded one of our standard machines with a king size doona and it ruptured, athough these machines take larger loads than your average wash machine a wet KS doona is very heavy. Image 2 above, shows the same size doona washed in a super high capacity machine, also our high capacity washers make a better job of cleaning them allowing water to penetrate the load more efficiently.

     Image 3 shows the washed doona dried and sealed ready for delivery and storage.

     Of course you can come in and use our high capacity washers in store yourself, they have very high spin speeds so high water extraction, but they will still need drying and you will not be taking advantage our FREE collection and delivery service. 

    If you have any questions about pricing and or collection please ring 0265835296 or email us  info@bubbleslaundry.co