Bubbles Laundromat Towel Exchance Service for Hair Dressers and Beauty Salons

*We supply the highest quality, black 100% cotton, bleach resistant towels.

*Our towels are individually folded and packed in plastic   packaging.

*Bubbles used towels will be charged at 50₵ each for washing & drying and should be put aside to be picked up by Bubbles staff who will conveniently exchange your towels for a clean & packaged set ready to use.

*We offer a FREE pick-up and drop-off service

*Replacement Bubbles towels will be delivered within 30 minutes of your call.

*Bubbles Laundry strives to achieve high standards of hygiene to enable you to pass that on to your valued clients. We are sure that your clients will appreciate the extra care and service.

If you are interested in using Bubbles Laundry's Towel Exchange Service, please print off and sign the  printable contract  next page and return to Bubbles Laundry at :-

Shop 5, Hayward Street, Port Macquarie. Alternatively, call 6583 5296 and we will collect it.  We will then countersign a copy for you to keep on file. 


Testimonial: Hairdressers 

My name is Evelina Kemp and I am the proud owner of a hairdressing business in Port Macquarie.  I have seven staff and we are very busy seven days a week.

I can wholeheartedly say that my business would struggle to keep up with our standard of cleanliness and turnover of towels if Bubbles laundry didn’t help us out.  Their service is phenomenal and their efficiency is remarkable.  I can for sure recommend their business with confidence to anyone.

If you like to call me or if you would like to have a reference for this business, please do not hesitate to call Evelina on 65835296.