Bubbles Laundry Testimonials

My name is Evelina Kemp and I am the proud owner of a hairdressing business in Port Macquarie.  I have seven staff and we are very busy seven days a week.

I can wholeheartedly say that my business would struggle to keep up with our standard of cleanliness and turnover of towels if Bubbles laundry didn’t help us out.  Their service is phenomenal and their efficiency is remarkable.  I can for sure recommend their business with confidence to anyone.

If you like to call me or if you would like to have a reference for this business, please do not hesitate to call Evelina on 65835296.



Hi  Bubbles I would like to add a comment, I stopped off in Port Macquarie for a few days, I needed to wash my clothes to be honest I picked you out from the net, but how glad I was, the laundry was very clean and tidy the attendant was very helpful and was able to give me change for the machines, they also have free Wi Fi so I was able to talk to my family in the UK while I waited, and to top it all off I was offered a free soft drink now thats what I call service, seriously folks I probably won't be passing through the area again for a while but If you are then use them its very refreshing and welcoming to find good service and a friendy atmosphere. John Williamson London UK.